The database will be regularly updated and expanded. Please contact #AdoptOrlando if you would like your information added, altered, or removed from this database. Information on how campaigns are reviewed for authenticity can be found here.

The database is divided into four sheets: Victims, Survivors, Others Affected, and Organizations. You can navigate through them via tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Descriptions of each sheet category is below:

  • Victims: Those who did not survive – this is for official memorial funds or funereal relocations only.
  • Survivors: Those who were present at the time of the shooting, physically wounded or not. Please note and try to respect that not all survivors wish to make their full names public.
  • Others Affected: Families or partners of victims, first responders, employees displaced because their employers were victimized by the Pulse tragedy, travel funds for caretakers, etc.
  • Organizations: Groups providing community services and organized direct survivor relief, businesses of victims and survivors, and so on.
    • Please note that there is no jurying regarding content in this category. Businesses and organized community efforts are in this category are presented without comment or judgement.
    • Therefore, community service campaigns and businesses presented should not be considered endorsed by #AdoptOrlando.
    • As there is no standard for vetting the organizers of this type of campaign, potential donors are urged to conduct their own thorough research before making contributions.

Access the database directly here or at any time from the main site menu above.