Pencil portrait of Mercedez Marisol Flores by Winter Calkins. Image has victim's full name and text: #Pulse and

Winter Calkins for Mercedez’s Memory

Although the news cycle here in AZ may not be talking about it much, back in Orlando families are still hurting, grieving, and struggling after the Pulse tragedy. -artist Winter Calkins

Portrait of Swizzy Bennet, survivor of Pulse Shooting, by Orlando artist Brian Philips. Swizzy is a handsome 25y/o black man with close-cut brown hair & a short mustache. He has brown eyes and is looking directly forward in this portrait, wearing a yellow shirt & two large diamond earrings, one in each ear. The text on the image is handwritten: "Swizzy" Bennet /

Brian Phillips for Swizzy Bennett

Crammed in a stall w/ 15 others, Swizzy watched 1 of his besties shot, the body falling headfirst into the toilet. Swizzy was 1 of only 9 survivors from that bathroom stall. He is now learning to walk again.