#AdoptOrlando exists to connect generous spirits directly to Orlando area community members struggling in the wake of the 2016 Pulse tragedy.

Program #1: Direct Donation Campaign Database

#AdoptOrlando maintains a list of links to direct donation campaigns for those affected by the 2016 Pulse shooting as well as organizations requesting funds to support the provision of services to the community.

  • While you should always exercise your own best judgement and caution when donating money online, every individual campaign link on #AdoptOrlando has been given baseline vetting to ensure connection of the campaign runner to its beneficiary. Verification details are available by email request for any campaign.
  • Community service campaigns are presented without commentary. There is no jurying regarding content. Community service campaigns presented should not be considered endorsed by #AdoptOrlando. As there is not currently a standard for vetting this type of campaign, potential donors are urged to conduct their own thorough research.

Program #2: #AdoptOrlando Artist-Driven Fundraising

Orlando speaks in art.

#AdoptOrlando aims to connect our community with those around the world who are, by love and empathy, a part of our community too. We aim to empower artists to use their talent to make a powerful, tangible, and immediate impact on the lives of real people just like them.


#AdoptOrlando has created a Call to Artists encouraging visual artists to create portraits promoting the direct donation campaigns found in the direct donation database.

By putting an artists’ hand to the recreation of a face, we are not only grabbing attention and pointing it toward a fundraising campaign, we are “vouching” for the individual in need as well.  We’re demonstrating with our labor the value of these people to our community. In the case of survivors and organizations, we’re publicizing images and needs which have not been shared as widely as those of victims. In the case of victims, we are continuing their legacy and ensuring the needs of loved ones are not neglected.


#AdoptOrlando happily consults with local arts organizations, press, Pulse-related art projects, and individuals to assist with:

  • Establishing Pulse-related fundraisers (particularly with arts, music, or literature components)
  • Grantwriting for Pulse-related service organizations
  • Connecting our community members to achieve service goals

Program 3: Clap Back

How do you donate to others when you reach in your pocket and come out with nothing but lint? 

#AdoptOrlando is planning a series of articles, infographics, videos, and discussion panels. Everything from reviews of the apps that serve as the modern equivalent of searching the cushions for loose change to community thought on artist-driven fundraising to advice on fiscal sponsorship and grant seeking.
Even an empty hand can clap back.


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