The distribution of money by large funds to individuals can be pretty complicated. That means, of course, that getting your money divided out from an organizational fund to actual humans in need might take a little longer than expected. In truth, your money might not end up helping out the way you hoped it would, but instead will be portioned out based on requirements set by the people doing the distributing. Sometimes those people have to set restrictions on access to your money you never even thought to ask about before reaching into your generous pocket to help!

There is another option to consider: direct donation. Many survivors, families, and community service groups are running their own fundraisers. #AdoptOrlando has a list of links to help you find someone (or someones!) who would be very grateful for your assistance. And while you should always exercise your own best judgement and caution when donating money online, every link on #AdoptOrlando has been given baseline vetting to ensure connection of the campaign runner to its beneficiary and verification details are available by email request for any campaign.

I know some people will wonder why I’m doing this, personally. And maybe my personal story would be fascinating to you, but I doubt it! More likely it would just distract from the much more important people on this site. The only comment on my motives I care to make is that thinking about my neighbors struggling has kept me up at night (and I’m not speaking figuratively… that’s how all this work got completed, heh). Now please feel free to explore the database or blog to learn about my beautiful neighbors in their time of need!