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#AdoptOrlando needs YOU to help our neighbors!

Step 1: Draw a signal boost for a campaign from the database. Step 2: Share it online & register it with #AdoptOrlando. Step 3: Maybe share some other #AdoptOrlando boosters once in a while? Step 4: PROFIT for our survivors!

I know. It sounds like slacktivism, doesn’t it?

But, let’s imagine the potential conservatively. You create an image that is shared 200 times. Just 10% of those shares visit the campaign and donate… say just $5 each. You just generated $100 for someone in need! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

By putting our hands to the recreation of their faces, we’re demonstrating with our labor the value of these people to our community. In the case of survivors and community organizations or businesses in particular, we’re also helping publicize their images and needs, which have not simply not been shared as widely as those of victims. In the case of victims and their families, we are continuing their legacy and ensuring that the continuing needs of the loved ones they left behind are not forgotten.

With just a few hours of your time (not to mention the infinite benefits of your unique talent and giving heart), you could help make help make uncountable generous people across the world aware of the continued needs of our friends and neighbors. Consider stepping up to adopt Orlando today.

How to Signal Boost – #AdoptOrlando Style

  • Create a portrait of an individual, representation of a community organization, or business affected by the Pulse shooting (our database is helpful).
    • Include the link to their donation campaign from the database on the image itself. (This way we can be sure the core of the message is always conveyed with the image, even if your text is not re-shared.)
    • Be respectful, but express your style. “Artist style challenges,” graphic design, glitch art, depicting a person in fantasy scenarios, cartoonizing, collage, 3d, pixel art, photo manipulation, etc… Our power as artists is in transformation, in enhancement, in grabbing attention, right? Let’s use it to direct attention to these worthy fundraising campaigns!
  • Make a call to action! Ask for donations to your adoptee’s campaign & reshares of your post from anyone moved by your image.
    • Suggesting a specific dollar amount helps remove hesitancy from potential donors! It’s never a bad idea to place a call to action for a specific number in your post; maybe a number that has meaning to your local area (or ours; for example, Orlando’s area code would = $4.07) or community.
    • Reminding potential donors about the power of crowdfunding (in your own words, of course) is another good idea. Sometimes people are apathetic about donation because they feel their drop in the bucket won’t make a difference. A call to action reminding people of the power of crowdfunding can help overcome this. Example: “Even a small donation will make a big difference, especially if you share this post after donating! Your $5, added to your mom’s, added to your neighbor’s (and their mom’s), added to four of each of your coworker’s (and their mom’s), and so on… crowdfunding can snowball $5 into $5000! …but that does mean we have to each reach in our pockets and fish out a fiver. And maybe call our moms.”
    • Leading by example is never a bad call. Making even a token donation yourself to your adoptee’s campaign displays a strong commitment to potential donors.
  • Share on your social media, encourage your friends to share it, & send it to #AdoptOrlando (300dpi if at all possible, please!) for us to share & potentially use in larger boosting campaigns too.
    • Some recommended hashtags; feel free to copy & paste your favorites: #adoptorlando, #orlandostrong, #somosorlando, #onepulse, #loveislove, orlandounited, #onelove, #prayfororlando, #oneorlando, #keepdancingorlando, #lovewins, #dogood
    • Use relevant local & trending hashtags to bring more eyes to your signal boost: art, LGBTQ, and Latinx community topics are a good place to start.
    • Consider the timing of your posts to achieve the best exposure. For the best results, don’t post to all your sites at once! Post over a few days, or even a week.

#AdoptOrlando Artists’ Rights

  • #AdoptOrlando will also publish your short artists’ bio (no more than 4 lines and three image or sound/video links, please) with a link to your website alongside your work in our Portrait Gallery.
  • #AdoptOrlando will always credit you and, if you provide your preferred links, link to you when we share your work to signal boost across all our growing social media.
  • #AdoptOrlando pursues group boosting opportunities through online and traditional media. You will always be credited and, to the best of our ability, alerted if your art is republished; however prior notification may not always be possible.
    • From time to time you may be contacted by #AdoptOrlando or directly by third party media for participation in features about #AdoptOrlando (these are efforts to boost multiple campaigns at once). Your participation is entirely voluntary and any commentary you choose to make is entirely up to you!
    • #AdoptOrlando doesn’t play favorites among its artists (or its adoptees). Journalists & Art Directors are provided with all the resources we have and use whatever they decide to use on their own recognizance.
    • #AdoptOrlando has not accepted any compensation for its work or yours.
      • In the event that publication fees become available, #AdoptOrlando has determined that such fees will be directly donated to the campaigns of featured survivors in the names of responsible artists.
      • In such an event, artists will be notified with receipt of donation for taxes.
  • We also encourage submissions of feedback, short personal essays, infographics, and guest posts on relevant topics for our blog from our artists on their experience!




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