In plain language, #AdoptOrlando exists to connect people like you—who want to help Orlando in the wake of the Pulse tragedy—directly to members of our wounded community in need.

While it’s true that there are several large funds set up to address community needs, each fund has its own unique set of goals, restrictions, and limitations on access. It’s crucial to realize that while these funds are vital and beautiful reactions to the crisis, they are not currently, nor will they in the future, fully meet all the needs of our brutalized community.

By their very nature, such funds have limitations. They’re meant to address a “big picture” and produce a statistical parity in need reduction across the board rather than ensure that actual individual quality of life standards are actually appropriate. But that’s what communities are for–to let us notice when our neighbors are struggling and offer our hands to pick up the slack the big funds are not designed to address!

Our survivor community is acutely facing the issue of reimbursement access: while benefits and money are incoming, in many cases they are not yet actually able to pick up their checks, so to speak… yet the rent must be paid, of course. So our neighbors are left robbing their tomorrows to pay for today: skipping meals and medications, destroying their credit, living on the edge of evictions, and worse.

Anyone in our community asking for support individually is doing so because they need it, and need it now. #AdoptOrlando is here to try and ensure donors like you have an easy, centralized way to access the many channels that exist for you to express your generosity.

There are lots of potential avenues and applications to pursue in order to achieve #AdoptOrlando’s end goal of promoting donation options. Our community is vibrant, creative, and looking for ways to help. It the hope that this resource site will not only assist direct donors in spreading their funds throughout our needy survivor community but also inspire new and continuous community support efforts to sustain our survivor network and the Orlando community as a whole.

Thank you for your generous spirit!


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