Winter Calkins for Mercedez’s Memory

Pencil portrait of Mercedez Marisol Flores by Winter Calkins. Image has victim's full name and text: #Pulse and

Lea este mensaje en español aquí.

Pencil portrait of Mercedez Marisol Flores by Winter Calkins. Image has victim's full name and text: #Pulse and

Phoenix, AZ-based artist Winter Calkins wrote this in June when she created this stunning memorial illustration (and donated herself to Mercedes’ GoFundMe as well): 

This GoFundMe goes directly to the family of one of the victims of the Pulse shooting, Mercedez Marisol Flores. I drew this portrait of her.

Although the news cycle here in Arizona may not be talking about it much anymore, back in Orlando families are still hurting, grieving, and struggling after the Pulse tragedy. Much of the money collected through larger assistance funds like OneOrlando, etc will not be distributed to victims’ families for months.

I discovered this donation campaign through, which connects people like you—who want to help Orlando in the wake of the Pulse tragedy—directly to members of the wounded Orlando community in need. Please donate anything you can spare. Please share. Every bit helps.

❤️💛💚💙💜  Remember, even your small donation & re-share of Winter’s beautiful portrait can turn $5 into $5000! Copy & paste or click the link to donate to Mercedez’s family now:

You can read more about Mercedez in Monivette Cordero’s fantastic memorial series in the Orlando Weekly. You can also follow & lend support and love to R&B singer Josean, Mercedez & Amanda’s fellow Hyena, on his excellent IG… where not long meeting him, he posted this wicked fire mini-tribute to his lost loves:


Phoenix, AZ multimedia artist Winter Calkins has roots in Orlando and a fascination with community, technology, ecology, and how all of these concepts intertwine to strengthen our ability to communicate through art. Follow her instagram.

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