#AdoptOrlando portraits boosting awareness for survivor fundraising campaigns with the help of WMFE & The Orlando Weekly this month!

“The OneOrlando Fund has so far raised 17 million dollars…and payments will be distributed by October first. But many of the Pulse survivors have been unable to return to work. They need money now…many can’t even afford medications. They can’t wait until October…A coalition of artists called Adopt Orlando is using their artistic response to the tragedy to help. So each portrait on the site links to an individual GoFundMe page, where anyone can make a direct donation.”

Excerpted from Adopt Orlando – Funding for Pulse Survivors by Jessica Bryce Young, editor-in-chief of The Orlando Weekly for WMFE 90.7. Listen to or read the story at

Screenshot of WMFE story post

…and read about the extensive, urgent, current need experienced by many Pulse survivors and efforts to meet it by PulseofOrlando & Heart of United Way as well as #AdoptOrlando in the print & online edition of this week’s feature story from The Orlando Weekly:

Orlando Weekly logo with headline text: "Survivors of Pulse Shootings still need help; local artists and administrators are stepping up."


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