Quick Post on Hard Truths

Excerpts from  “OneOrlando Fund unveils plan for giving out money,” The Orlando Sentinel, July 14th, 2016

 “…the current total is still not enough to cover the care many survivors might need for years to come, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said.”

“Victims and their families are left with a new reality and a multitude of needs, from long-term mental-health counseling, the rehabilitation of homes and vehicles to better accommodate the victims … and even victims who must find new jobs or careers because they have difficulty returning to their former jobs…”


“The exact amount each person will get will depend on the fund’s total on Sept. 26 — the day before payments are scheduled to begin — as well as the severity of injuries and how many total claims are filed…The injured will likely receive varying amounts, potentially based on how long they were hospitalized.”

It is crucial to remember that the only people truly qualified to represent the extent of their needs is the affected individuals themselves. #AdoptOrlando applauds the work of the OneOrlando and Equality Florida funds (which, it must be noted & clarified, were merged: the OneOrlando brand is being being managed by the Equality Florida resources; they are effectively the same thing when we speak about them here). They are doing difficult work to the best of their capabilities with a swift response time and enormous financial achievement. However, the nature of the structure they’re working within has limitations. That is why direct donation to our survivors needs to fill the gaps.

Our community members are telling us what they need and asking for our help. All we have to do is listen, and provide it. Visit the database or browse our portrait gallery to find listings of Orlando area community members affected by the Pulse tragedy you can donate to directly.


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