Hannah Miller for Javier Nava

Hannah Miller comic-style color illustration of Javier Nava. Handwritten lettering includes his name, #SomosOrlando, and link: gofundme.com/292wnkc

Lea este mensaje en español aquí.

Hannah Miller comic-style color illustration of Javier Nava. Handwritten lettering includes his name, #SomosOrlando, and link: gofundme.com/292wnkcJavier Nava Coria will carry a part of the Pulse shooting forever: he has a bullet in his gut too deep to remove.

What’s more, he had to go through his surgery and early recovery far from his family in Mexico City, who he hadn’t been able to see in years.

Thankfully, he has a lot of love around him here in Orlando. His coworkers established this GoFundMe to help buoy Javier and his husband, Adrian, through their period of grief and recovery. They were both at Pulse on June 12th, and the devastation to their friend-family that night was unimaginable.

If your heart can bear it, Adrian tells the story firsthand of how he ran back into the club to search for his soulmate in this video via the Orlando Sentinel.*

Screencap of video from Orlando Sentinel site. Text reads: Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Adrian Lopez went back into the club that night to find his husband. Lopez recounted the events during a vigil at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the Fashion Square Mall.
*Accessibility Notice: No sign interpretation or captioning. Text included is editorial.

This couple (often misidentified as “friends” rather than partners by news outlets) ability to work has been majorly compromised. Plus, like many others, they’re waiting for the $20M+ in OneOrlando funds to be untangled and distributed… now, two weeks after September 12th, which is the cut-off date for requesting funds. But let’s not forget that Mayor Buddy Dyer previously promised funds by October 1st. Collecting everyone’s forms, reviewing the information, requesting additional information, resolving conflicts, and distributing the money… that’s an ambitious deadline for an all-volunteer group working with a highly traumatized population already struggling in their own financial backlog to meet. We know everyone is doing their very best to get this money out to help. But since it’s not here now, and even Buddy Dyer admits it’s not going to be enough to go around, let’s at least give Javier and Adrian a hand in the meantime.

Javier’A tip jar full of change and small bills.s coworkers point out that like most who work in hospitality, his income is dependent on tips… so if you think of it like a leaving a tip for hearing their story, for sharing their community, even a small donation makes perfect sense!  

Sharing this fundraising campaign to encourage more “tips” is a great idea to get Javier and his husband through this rough patch, too.

So remember: even your small donation & reshare of this post or Javier’s GoFundMe can turn $5 into $5000. Physical complications put him out of work for too long already; the remaining financial and personal complications he and his husband face aren’t small, either.

As his community we can definitely do something about one of those two things… so why not take a moment to drop a tip in Javier’s jar right now? Just follow the link and give!: www.gofundme.com/292wnkc

Shortlink to this post: http://wp.me/p7GR5W-2f



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